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Why are glass emulsion bottles dropper bottles and other glass bottles recycled

Published by Haojing 2022-12-27

Glass bottle has many uses. Glass bottle is the main packaging container of food, medicine and chemical industry.Can also be used as dropper bottles, lotion bottles(Check out other kinds of glass bottles)They are chemically stable;Easy to seal, good air tightness, transparent, can be observed from the outside of the container;Good storage performance;Smooth surface, easy to sterilize;Beautiful shape, rich and colorful decoration;Has a certain mechanical strength, can withstand the pressure in the bottle and the external force in the process of transportation;Wide distribution of raw materials, low price and other advantages.Its disadvantages are large mass (mass to capacity ratio), brittle, fragile.However, the use of thin-walled lightweight and physical and chemical toughening of the new technology, these shortcomings have been significantly improved, so that glass bottles in the fierce competition with plastic, tin, tin, production increased year by year.

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There are several types of recycling of glass products: as casting flux, transformation, recycling, raw material recovery and reuse, etc.

1, as a casting flux

Broken glass can be used as a flux in the smelting of cast steel and cast copper alloy to cover the molten liquid and prevent oxidation.

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2. Transformation and utilization

The pre-treated broken glass is processed into small glass particles, which have the following uses:

Several years of experiments in the United States and Canada have shown that the use of glass shards as road filler can reduce lateral skid accidents compared with other materials.The reflection of light is appropriate;Road surface wear condition is good;Snow melts quickly, suitable for use in low temperature places, etc.Crushed glass is mixed with building materials to make building prefabricated parts, building bricks and other building products.It has been proved by practice that the products made of organic matter as cementing agent have higher dimensional accuracy and strength and lower production cost.Crushed glass is used to make building surface decorations, reflector materials, arts and crafts and clothing accessories, with beautiful visual effects.Glass and plastic waste can be mixed with building materials to make synthetic building products, etc.

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3. Recycle

After the recycled glass is pretreated, the furnace is melted to manufacture glass containers, glass fibers and so on.

4, raw material reuse

Recycled broken glass is used as an additive to glass products because the right amount of broken glass helps the glass melt at lower temperatures.

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5, reuse glass bottles(More hot glass Bottles, packaging recycling scope is mainly low value large amount of commodity packaging glass bottles.Such as beer bottles, soda bottles, sauce bottles, vinegar bottles and some cans.

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Glass bottles of various varieties, from the capacity of 1ML small bottles to more than ten liters of large bottles, from round, square, to special-shaped and handle bottles, from the colorless transparent amber, green, blue, black shade bottles and opaque opaque glass bottles, etc., numerous.In terms of manufacturing process, glass bottles are generally divided into molded bottles (made from a model) and controlled bottles (made from glass).Molded bottles are divided into large bottles (bottle mouth diameter in more than 30MM) and small bottle two categories.The former is used to hold powdery, lump and paste items, while the latter is used to hold liquids.According to the bottle mouth form is divided into cork bottle mouth, thread bottle mouth, cap bottle mouth, rolling bottle mouth frosted bottle mouth and so on.It can also be used for cosmetic bottles such as lotion bottles and dropper bottles.According to the usage, it can be divided into "one-time bottle" which is used once and discarded and "recycled bottle" which is used for many times.According to the classification of containers, can be divided into wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, cans, acid bottles, medicine bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetics bottles and so on.

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