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How to hold perfume in perfume bottle?

Published by Haojing 2022-12-27

Every major brand of perfume encourages you to buy a large bottle, 600 yuan for 30ml or 1200 yuan for 100ml. Which one would you buy?So the problem came, 100 milliliter perfume bottle go out travel is absolutely not suitable to take out, it is best to divide it into 10 milliliter small bottle, carry convenient.So how do we do that?The perfume dispenser is here to help(More perfume bottles

perfume bottle

Pull out perfume nozzle for large bottle of perfume

spray perfume bottle

Vertical alignment habit, press down twice to press the syringe can not be released.

Press the syringe and pull the push rod on the net to extract the desired perfume

Put the extracted perfume into the ready perfume bottle, and you are done



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